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About Master Ping


”I am a energy practitioner originally from Laos, residing in France.

Having had serious health problems when I was a child (almost total paralysis of the lower limbs), I was treated and cured by a doctor and Buddhist master who ensured my education for many years and introduced me to the knowledge and practice of Qi Gong, (Buddhist modality). Alongside this education, I studied medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Laos.

After this I spent a year in a Taoist monastery in China to perfect my knowledge and my practice of Qi Gong (Taoist modality), and

I worked as a practitioner in a hospital in Laos practicing Qi Gong therapy that enjoys official recognition.

Since my arrival in France I have been practicing Qi Gong energy healing to help improve many people's lives and health.

After the pandemic  I started daily Qi transmissions on Zoom, with an ancient remote Qi Gong method. These sessions have already helped many people around the world.  ”

The Daily Zoom calls

7:00 am (Paris GMT), you will receive a phone call from Zoom by the administrator of WuShang QiGong.

Your sound and video will automatically be off but you will be able to turn on your video if preferred.


The sound remains silent for everybody, please note that there is no sound at all during the call, you will only see Master Ping’s hand on the screen and receive the healing Qi.

How do I join ?

You will be asked to fill out a form with your name and the email associated with your Zoom account.


Once we receive your subscription you will receive a request to join our Zoom contacts, you must accept the contact invitation to be able to receive the call.

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Join us today for vibrant energy

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