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Wú Shàng Qi Gong

Supreme Energy

Join Master Ping every day to receive Qi!

Improve your health, increase your life force and recharge your energy .

Daily Qi transmission
Healing Sessions on Zoom

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Welcome to Wú Shàng Qi Gong, an online service that allows you to attend a Qi energy healing session every day to help you improve your health, recharge your energy and start your day in your best shape.

Master Ping will send Qi through ancient remote QiGong methods and you will receive however you feel fit, you can lie down, meditate or practice your daily wellness routine.

Qi Gong

What is Qi?

The Qi Gong method is based on the principle that good health comes from a state of harmony between Yin (feminine principle) and Yang (masculine principle) and the balance of vital energy, called Qi.
Qi circulates along a network of invisible channels, the meridians, which connect all the organs and systems of the body.
Any blockage or imbalance occurring in the network is likely to result in a physical or mental condition.


How can Qigong help me?

If you suffer from a physical or mental condition, if you have various difficulties and blockages in your life, or if you simply want to increase your vital energy, our Qi Gong healing sessions can help you a lot by boosting your own Qi.
The Qi Gong method consists of ensuring a sufficient and balanced supply of Qi to the person's body and intervening on the Qi in such a way as to direct it properly towards the affected organ(s).
QiGong practice has very ancient techniques for distant healing, energy constantly seeks to achieve balance and is not subject to the dimensions of space-time.

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What do I have to do ?

Only relax and trust the Qi!

Qi is very mysterious, the body is incredible, let go of everything and relax to be able to quickly change your destiny.

How to relax
Focus your attention on each part of your body and relax them one by one, starting from your head down to your feet.

66 € / 1 month
18€ / 1 week

6/7 every morning at 7:00am

(Paris GMT)

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Receive a direct call from our Zoom Admin

Words from our members

My name is Lelia C., I am from PARAGUAY, and I have been receiving your therapy for just over 2 months.

I have been suffering from fibromyalgia and thoracolumbar scoliosis for 19 years, a condition that causes a lot of pain throughout the body and extreme fatigue, honestly I had even lost the will to live.

With the daily sessions I find relief and motivation, and little by little I was leaving the medications that actually generated more unfavorable side effects and do not heal.

Thank you for giving people such a beautiful way to balance energies and find relief from both physical and mental ailments.


ema fatiga,sincera

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Leila C.

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